The Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

The Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

The principal objectives of MOLLUS are to foster Military and Naval Science, promote allegiance to the United States government, perpetuate the memory of those who fought to preserve the unity and indivisibility of the Republic and to honor the memory and promote the ideals of President Abraham Lincoln.


Commander:                    Gerald F. Fisher, Esq.

Sr. Vice Commander:       COL Paul A. Schneider, AUS (ret)
Jr. Vice Commander:        LTJG Ryan B. Weddle, USNR
Recorder:                          Thomas L. Tedeschi, Esq.
Treasurer:                          COL Paul A. Schneider, AUS (ret)
Chancellor:                       Craig H. Weaver, Esq.
Registrar:                           LTJG Ryan B. Weddle, USNR
Council:                            COL Robert J. Bateman, NYSG
                                         COL Donald L. Twiss, VCASNY
                                         Mr. Russell W. Twiss
Historian:                         Mr. Peter Scoville Wells
Physician:                         Richard G. McCarrick, MD


Charter Member Listing:

Major-General Daniel Butterfield, U. S. V. Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel William C. Church, U. S. V. Major-General Henry E. Davies, U. S. V. Brevet Brigadier-General Charles G. Halpine, U. S. V. Brevet Colonel Horatio C. King, U. S. V. Brevet Major-General Martin T. McMahon, U. S. V. Brevet Major-General John G. Parke, U. S. A. Commodore George M. Ransom, U. S. N. Brevet Colonel Joseph A. Slipper, U. S. V. Brevet Brigadier-General Daniel T. Van Buren, U. S. V. Brigadier-General Egbert L. Viele, U. S. V. Brevet Brigadier-General Israel Vogdes, U.S.A

Past Commanders of the New York Commandery to 1964:
1866                          Brevet Brigadier-General Israel Vogdes, U.S. A.

1866-1870                 Admiral David G. Farragut, U.S.N.

1871                          Major-General Samuel P. Heintzelman, U. S. A.

1872-1874                 Brevet Major-General William B. Franklin, U. S. A.

1875                          Commodore Henry Eagle, U. S. N.

1876                          Brevet Major-General William B. Franklin, U. S. A.

1877-1878                 Brevet Major-General George H. Sharpe, U. S. V.

1879-1880                 Major-General John M. Schofield, U. S. A.

1881                          Major-General Henry W. Slocum, U. S. V.

1882                          Brigadier-General John Cochrane, U. S. V.

1883                          Brevet Major-General Alexander Shaler, U. S. V.

1884-1885                 General Ulysses S. Grant, U. S. A.

1886                          Brevet Major-General Edward L. Molineux, U. S. V.

1887-1888                Major-General John M. Schofield, U. S. A.

1889-1893                Brevet Major-General Wager Swayne, U. S. A.

1894-1896                Brevet Brigadier-General Horace Porter, U. S. A.

1897-1898                Major-General Grenville M. Dodge, U. S. V.

1899                         Rear-Admiral Winfield S. Schley, U. S. N.

1900-1902                Brevet Brigadier-General Henry L. Burnett, U. S. V.

1903-1906                Brevet Brigadier-General Thomas H. Hubbard, U. S. V.

1907-1908                Rear-Admiral Joseph B. Coghlan, U. S. N.

1909                         Brevet Brigadier-General Anson G. McCook, U. S. V.

1910-1911                Major J. Langdon Ward, U. S. V.

1912-1913                Bvt. Brig. Gen. Stewart L. Woodford, U.S.V.

1913                         Rear-Admiral Purnell F. Harrington, U.S.N.

1913-1918                Paymaster General Edwin Stewart, U.S.N.

1918-1919                First Lieutenant George Haven Putnam, U.S.V.

1919-1921                Rear Admiral Charles D. Sigsbee, U.S.N.

1921-1923                Bvt. Brig. Gen. J. Fred Pierson, U.S.V.

1923-1926                Bvt. Major Henry L. Swords, U.S.V.

1926-1928                Captain George W. Brush, U.S.V.

1928-1929                Commander Charles A. Adams, U.S.N.

1929                         Lieutenant Hartwell A. Wilkins, U.S.V.

-------- All of the foregoing were Original Companions ---------------

1929-1934                Brig. Gen. Louis W. Stotesbury, U.S.A.

1934-1935                Mr. Elisha K. Camp

1935-1937               Mr. Alexander L. Ward

1937-1940                Major John Vernou Bouvier, Jr., U.S.A.

1940-1942                Colonel Noel Bleecker Fox, U.S.A.

1942-1946                Rear Admiral Reginald R. Belknap, U.S.N.

1946-1948                Captain Messmore Kendall

1948-1951                Mr. J. Fred Pierson, Jr.

1951-1953                Lt. Colonel Donald M. Liddell, Sr., U.S.A.

1953-1955                Capt. Clinton B. Brown, U.S.A.

1955-1957                Col. Edward R. Whittingham, U.S.A.

1957-1958                Lt. Colonel Louis J. de Milhau, U.S.A.

1958-1960                Capt. Charles W. Wildrick, U.S.A.

1960-1962                Col. Walter E. Hopper, Jr., U.S.A.

1962-1964                Major Grover Cleveland Bacon

1964-                         Mr. Thomas N. McCarter, III